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OrthancPlugins::IDatabaseBackend Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

void RegisterOutput (DatabaseBackendOutput *output)
virtual void Open ()=0
virtual void Close ()=0
virtual void AddAttachment (int64_t id, const OrthancPluginAttachment &attachment)=0
virtual void AttachChild (int64_t parent, int64_t child)=0
virtual void ClearChanges ()=0
virtual void ClearExportedResources ()=0
virtual int64_t CreateResource (const char *publicId, OrthancPluginResourceType type)=0
virtual void DeleteAttachment (int64_t id, int32_t attachment)=0
virtual void DeleteMetadata (int64_t id, int32_t metadataType)=0
virtual void DeleteResource (int64_t id)=0
virtual void GetAllInternalIds (std::list< int64_t > &target, OrthancPluginResourceType resourceType)=0
virtual void GetAllPublicIds (std::list< std::string > &target, OrthancPluginResourceType resourceType)=0
virtual void GetAllPublicIds (std::list< std::string > &target, OrthancPluginResourceType resourceType, uint64_t since, uint64_t limit)=0
virtual void GetChanges (bool &done, int64_t since, uint32_t maxResults)=0
virtual void GetChildrenInternalId (std::list< int64_t > &target, int64_t id)=0
virtual void GetChildrenPublicId (std::list< std::string > &target, int64_t id)=0
virtual void GetExportedResources (bool &done, int64_t since, uint32_t maxResults)=0
virtual void GetLastChange ()=0
virtual void GetLastExportedResource ()=0
virtual void GetMainDicomTags (int64_t id)=0
virtual std::string GetPublicId (int64_t resourceId)=0
virtual uint64_t GetResourceCount (OrthancPluginResourceType resourceType)=0
virtual OrthancPluginResourceType GetResourceType (int64_t resourceId)=0
virtual uint64_t GetTotalCompressedSize ()=0
virtual uint64_t GetTotalUncompressedSize ()=0
virtual bool IsExistingResource (int64_t internalId)=0
virtual bool IsProtectedPatient (int64_t internalId)=0
virtual void ListAvailableMetadata (std::list< int32_t > &target, int64_t id)=0
virtual void ListAvailableAttachments (std::list< int32_t > &target, int64_t id)=0
virtual void LogChange (const OrthancPluginChange &change)=0
virtual void LogExportedResource (const OrthancPluginExportedResource &resource)=0
virtual bool LookupAttachment (int64_t id, int32_t contentType)=0
virtual bool LookupGlobalProperty (std::string &target, int32_t property)=0
virtual void LookupIdentifier (std::list< int64_t > &target, OrthancPluginResourceType resourceType, uint16_t group, uint16_t element, OrthancPluginIdentifierConstraint constraint, const char *value)=0
virtual bool LookupMetadata (std::string &target, int64_t id, int32_t metadataType)=0
virtual bool LookupParent (int64_t &parentId, int64_t resourceId)=0
virtual bool LookupResource (int64_t &id, OrthancPluginResourceType &type, const char *publicId)=0
virtual bool SelectPatientToRecycle (int64_t &internalId)=0
virtual bool SelectPatientToRecycle (int64_t &internalId, int64_t patientIdToAvoid)=0
virtual void SetGlobalProperty (int32_t property, const char *value)=0
virtual void SetMainDicomTag (int64_t id, uint16_t group, uint16_t element, const char *value)=0
virtual void SetIdentifierTag (int64_t id, uint16_t group, uint16_t element, const char *value)=0
virtual void SetMetadata (int64_t id, int32_t metadataType, const char *value)=0
virtual void SetProtectedPatient (int64_t internalId, bool isProtected)=0
virtual void StartTransaction ()=0
virtual void RollbackTransaction ()=0
virtual void CommitTransaction ()=0
virtual uint32_t GetDatabaseVersion ()=0
virtual void UpgradeDatabase (uint32_t targetVersion, OrthancPluginStorageArea *storageArea)=0
virtual void ClearMainDicomTags (int64_t internalId)=0

Protected Member Functions

DatabaseBackendOutputGetOutput ()

Member Function Documentation

virtual void OrthancPlugins::IDatabaseBackend::UpgradeDatabase ( uint32_t  targetVersion,
OrthancPluginStorageArea storageArea 
pure virtual

Upgrade the database to the specified version of the database schema. The upgrade script is allowed to make calls to OrthancPluginReconstructMainDicomTags().

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